Huli is collective of ocean-based individuals who promote environmental stewardship and cultural awareness. We strive to take a creative approach that incorporates traditional knowledge within a contemporary framework. A major effort of our organization is to inspire the next generation to be exceptional stewards of their land, ocean, and islands by instilling a deep sense of Aloha for the world around them. It is our belief that the best way to achieve this goal is by bringing local youth into the outdoors to get their feet wet and hands dirty, engaging them in innovative learning while working together to preserve special areas within their own communities. We figure if we can help students understand the ancient practices of how to Aloha & Mālama these places that has been an integral part of Hawaiian culture for centuries, they just may be able to teach their parents a thing or two. A second major effort of Huli is to collaborate with local businesses, non profits, & other grassroots community organizations to elevate the cultural and environmental standards of operating, leaving behind a positive impact and sustainable footprint within the community. At the heart of this is our desire to connect with and ultimately unify the vast network of local people striving for a more sustainable and culturally responsible Hawai'i. We want to help envision, share, and implement practical solutions to solve some our island's biggest issues. We believe a better Hawai'i is possible and work smart to help bring that dream to life.