Highly recommend checking out the "He Lono Moku" Environmental Report produced by some of the leading environmental groups and individuals here in Hawai'i to give a baseline report on the current status of our environment. Its a very brief, easy to read report with lots of illustrations to bring some of the main ideas to life. Important for everybody who lives here to understand the health of our natural resources here in the islands. Read the report here: http://www.helonomoku.com/

From helonomoku.com: 

With the IUCN World Conservation Congress being held in the United States for the first time, Hawai‘i’s environment and sustainability efforts are on the world stage. He lono moku recognizes this global momentum and highlights priorities for environmental equilibrium in Hawai‘i. This state of the environment report shares our advances in freshwater security, renewable energy, and community-based marine management—and is candid about where our efforts are falling well short.

Each year, he lono moku will track and share progress across a variety of environmental topics. At the center of the world’s largest ocean and with a tourism economy directly linked to our environment, we cannot afford to overlook our precious natural resources.